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Economic Table Series



Responsive Power Center for the Executive
Successful organisation are constantly adapting to shifting market demands and evolving technologies. The office system helps you to meet those challenges head on, with work environment sensitive to changes, resulting in time and cost savings. Impressive in design, pragmatic in funtionality, it puts the executive in complete control of the workspace.

Proactive Workstation for Multiplex Tasks
We provide individual free standing desking system compliments one another, meeting cross-funtional tasks in workspace. Adapting to shifting office needs, it fully integrated furniture/ set the right ambience to promote productivity and to enhance communication.

Style & versatility for a compact environment
Our solutions are diverse and flexible enough to meet the requirements of any office environment. Its modular and free staqnding design allows you to create the office of your preference saving on space and permitting injection. Distinctive yet classic in design, Kino creates lasting impresiions satisfying today's corporate image.

Below are our economic series that

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